Profile of The Gambia Echo’s Chief Editor Ebrima G. Sankareh 


Profile of The Gambia Echo’s Chief Editor

Ebrima G. Sankareh is The Gambia Echo’s proprietor and Editor-in-Chief. Born in Serekunda, Republic of The Gambia, Editor Sankareh’s flair for journalism dates back to his student days at Nusrat and St. Augustine’s High Schools where as part of both school magazines’—Al-Nusrat and later, Sunu-Kibaro, editorial boards, he began honing his skills in the rudiments of news reporting and writing. “At Nusrat High School, my English teacher, A. K. Savage, later to become The Gambia’s Chief Justice, formed NULADS—Nusrat Literary & Drama Society, and to date, I remain grateful for the language and public speaking skills NULADS provided”  he reminisces.

Graduating from The Sixth Form, Sankareh joined the state broadcaster, Radio Gambia, at its Mile 7 Studios and institutionally trained as an English news reporter under the tutelage of veteran broadcasters, Lala Haidara and Bora Mboge, where the young Sankareh would harness and cultivate the rigorous demands, requisite skills and nuanced intricacies of journalism.

In the intervening years, Ebrima Sankareh matriculated to The Gambia College, School of Education and trained in History and English and took the Higher Teachers’ diploma (HTC) jointly awarded by The Gambia College & Bristol University, UK. Upon graduation, he returned to his Alma Mater, St. Augustine’s high, teaching History, Social Studies and English language. It was during this period that Sankareh brought his writing skills to bear, writing for almost all the media houses, and finally settled with The Point newspaper. At The Point he would burnish shoulders with doyens like veteran broadcasters, Baboucarr Gaye, Deyda Hydara, Pap Baboucarr Saine and journalists Jungkunda Daffeh and Jay Saidy, modest men whose flair for writing, passion for truth and professionalism would leave an indelible impression on our editor’s mind. Drawing from these doyens’ reservoir of experiences; men of timber and caliber,was to yield greater dividends when he picked up a job with The BBC as its Banjul correspondent for its Focus on Africa program and couple of years later, Germany’s Radio Deutsche Welle recruited him as a stringer.

With the July 1994 military coup, this teacher-journalist was to become one of the junta’s first targets as most of his commentaries and foreign reports were deemed malicious propaganda calculated to undermine an illegal government that had lied to fix corruption, ensure accountability and transparency. Following sporadic arrests, detention and constant dead threats, our editor left his birthplace with a heavy heart, leaving behind a family and a promising career.

He arrived in the United States in the summer of 1995 and has since lived in his adopted city, Raleigh, the state capital of North Carolina. While no one expects an epiphany in a Carolina summer, it was here that the distraught journalist-teacher would reunite with his former Gambia College English Language lecturer and North Carolina native, Professor Gilbert Thompson Huffman whose sweet-smelling home in the beautiful mountains by Dobson, NC, would become Editor Sankareh’s home away from home.

“Looking back, it was Dr. Huffman’s generosity combined with Professor Abdoulaye Saine’s constant admonitions that paved the way for my American education” he says with obvious gratefulness to the duo. Therefore, like most immigrants in pursuit of the American dream—that combined hard work and  determination ultimately bring success; he matriculated to Raleigh’s prestigious N C State University (, graduating with dual BA degrees; BA History and BA Political Science. Sankareh then pursued graduate work at The University of North Carolina-Charlotte, ( and Gardner-Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC, ( where he took the Master’s Degree in English Literature—specializing in British & American Literatures.

Ebrima G. Sankareh is a Doctoral Candidate at the Thesis Awaiting  statge (ABD) for the Ph.D. African Studies in English Literature at England’s prestigious, The University of Birmingham, ( at its beautiful Edgbaston Campus.

Editor’s USA Ph. 919-637-0643

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Editor’s UK Ph. +44 (0) 7707-85-8854

Skype: eg.sankara


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