Barrow’s Government Must Explain Ambassador Faye’s Lobby Transaction

by editor | February 7, 2017 10:16 pm

Dear Editor,

Following your brilliant piece on an alleged lobbyist engagement by the reinstated Gambian Ambassador to the United States of America, I, like many other Gambians believe it is prudent for the new Government of The Gambia to step forward and explain itself on this very serious situation. The lobbyist under reference has a checkered past and it is inconceivable that Barrow’s Government will choose to do business with such a person.

That said and based on your report, Gambians will want to know who authorized the lobbyist to register on behalf of the Government of The Gambia? What have threats to Ambassador Faye and family as alleged, got to do with registering on behalf of a country without consultation with the President. The alleged registration took place on January 20th, when in fact, Ambassador Faye was no more the Ambassador at the time, then how can he enter into any negotiations on behalf of a Government he was not representing? These are questions the new Government must answer to assure Gambians it’s not business as usual!

Furthermore, based on the two interviews you had for the piece, it appears that the lobbyist was telling you the truth while Mr. Faye out rightly prevaricated. A new Gambia does not need phonies like Omar Faye, the very person who only a few months ago, justified Ousainou Darboe’s arrest and imprisonment and yet, today, he turns around and wants to call Darboe, Saint. How can The Gambia possibly hang on to such a fellow? I served in the Military with him and at best, he is a con artist that abandoned his troops in Liberia. We want answers form our Government.

Now visit the link below and see for yourself who Omar Faye is dealing with on behalf of our country. It’s not business as usual and this Government must shed light on this.

A Concerned Gambian Citizen

Fajara, The Gambia

West Africa

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