CORDEG Condemns Jammeh’s Violence Against Peaceful Demonstrators

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We learn with horror and express great concern over excessive state-sponsored violence and reported torture by National Intelligence Agency (NIA) personnel against peaceful demonstrators for political and electoral reforms in The Gambia. We condemn the reported torture and gruesome deaths of three UDP leaders: Mr. Ebrima Solo Sandeng, Ms. Fatoumata Jawara and Ms. Fatou Camara, and many other peaceful demonstrators who sustained life-threatening injuries in the hands of NIA personnel. We call for the immediate release of remains of murdered leaders to their families for proper burial.

We condemn without reservation the arrest(s) of United Democratic Party (UDP) leader, Hon. Ousainou Dabo, UDP executive members: Mr. Femi Peters, Ms. Nogoi Njie and Mr. Lang Marong and Demand their immediate release.

*We Demand immediate investigation by ECOWAS and the AU of: (a) the NIA and other security personnel over reported torture of peaceful demonstrators and dissidents, (b) events leading to and surrounding the protest matches, and their aftermath, and (c) establish the cause (s) of death of peaceful demonstrators.

*We urgently plead with the international community to condemn reported cases of torture and death(s) of peaceful demonstrators in April 2016, (and April 2000), and provide financial support for political parties and Gambians fighting against tyranny;

*Call on the EU to maintain economic sanctions against the APRC-Government and impose a travel ban, as well as an assets freeze of authorities;

*Call on Senegal and President Macky Sall to condemn Government-sponsored violence and help stem rising violence in Gambia;

*Call on all political party leaders and their supporters to build a united-front and Demand immediate release of illegally detained dissidents;

*Call on Gambians to stand by/with their leaders and Demand Yahya Jammeh and his government step-down and surrender power to a transition, nationally constituted union government; and

*Call on Diaspora Gambians to donate financially.


Abdoulaye Saine, Professor                 

Chairman of CORDEG- Committee For The Restoration Of Democracy In The Gambia


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