Did The NIA Kill Abdoulie Gaye?

by editor | February 16, 2017 6:01 am

By Ebrima G. Sankareh, Editor-in-Chief

 In the unending saga of missing and potentially disappeared detainees by The Gambia’s most feared and most predacious National Intelligence Agency (NIA), The  Gambia Echo has received scary reports from family members, friends and concerned colleagues of one Abdoulie Gaye. Mr. Gaye whose exact whereabouts remain unknown, was allegedly arrested and kept under NIA custody in the weeks leading up to the December 1, 2016 presidential election that almost ignited a civil war in the mini West African state that for two decades, was under the thumb of Africa’s most callous bandit, Yaya A.J.J Jammeh now nervously contemplating his fate in exile, in Equatorial Guinea.

According to family and friends who contacted The Echo on conditions of anonymity, Abdoulie Gaye was arrested by agents of the NIA and up to the December election, he was  under their custody and based on credible sources in touch with Gaye at the time, he had suffered enormously following weeks of constant beatings and abuse in the hands of thugs often under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.

Asked what may have prompted his arrest, my sources say Gaye who spent a number of years in England and returned to The Gambia sometime around 2000 or thereabout, was very vocal and highly critical of the Jammeh dictatorship and it is highly probably that his freedom of expression may have ultimately sent him to the NIA torture chambers or for the crocodiles of Kanilai.

One distraught family friend even shared his last Viber message with Gaye dated September 21, 2016 and in solemn prayers asked rhetorically: “I hope this young man in his early 50s has not also perished like Solo Sandeng and several others under NIA custody.”  In Gaye’s last recorded Viber message sent to The Echo, he prayed for peace and returned thanks to this family member for his kindheartednesses.

According to one friend, “Abdoulie Gaye is the nicest person you can come across; always smiling and very serious. He was also a very regular worshipper at the Cape Point mosque as he is devoutly religious but since they took him, the news has not been pleasant.”

Until his alleged NIA arrest and incommunicado detention, Abdoulie Gaye had worked as an electronics dealer and supplier often working with Gambia’s Lebanese community.

The family, friends and concerned colleagues are appealing to the Barrow government and the NIA to help produce either Abdoulie Gaye or his remains if he is no longer alive.

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