Family of Abducted EX-Gambian Diplomat, M. Sajo Jallow, Fears for His Life

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By Ebrima G. Sankareh, Editor-in-Chief

Fifteen days after his arrest and abduction by agents of  The Gambia’s notoriously predacious National Intelligence Agency (NIA), there is palpable fear that the very government that Mr. M. Sajo Jallow has perennially served in various capacities both as Cabinet minister and top diplomat, may disappear him for eternity. A tersely written family appeal letter dispatched to The Gambia Echo offers a cautionary hint that like many others before him, his ordeal hinges on paranoia and The Gambia government’s routine practice to punish dissent no matter how civil the opposing party may be.

Crucially, Momodou  Sajo Jallow is husband to Stockholm-based long-time MOJA-G political activist, Jainaba Bah,  who recently joined the main opposition United Democratic Party of veteran Banjul barrister, Ousainou Darboe, himself serving a three-year jail term with several key lieutenants. The politically-charged case is based on malicious charges anchored in anachronistic laws and a fatally flawed judicial process littered with third-grade Nigerian jurists powered by a pathetic bunch of prosecutors with nauseous credentials. Two of the party’s supporters—Ebrima Solo Sandeng and Ebrima Solo Kurumah  have died behind the harrowing torture chambers of the much-feared NIA where Mr. Jallow is believed to be held without due process and probably, subjected to routine abuse to put it mildly.

Guilt by Association— whether perceived, imagined or potential, continues to characterise the action and reaction of President Yaya Jammeh’s government in its dealings with both loyalists and opponents, and Mr. Jallow’s murky political saga constitutes a classic tale of this dastardly practice, of quelling dissent regardless of the distance and space of the alleged opponents’ disposition, so long as they have relatives to devour on. Below, we reproduce verbatim, the Jallow family’s statement on the unkwown whereabouts of their husband, father and uncle:

Dear Editor!

This is an Urgent Message informing you that Former Gambian Ambassador to the African Union (AU), H.E. Mr. Momodou Sajo Jallow has been abducted on Friday morning September 2nd by the Gambian National Intelligence Agency(NIA) following the directives of The President Yahya Jammeh and his Vice President Madame Isatou Njie Saidy. This abduction took place less than 24 hrs after Yahya Jammeh rescinded Mr. Jallow’s appointment as Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister.

Mr. Jallow was appointed on August 23rd. We believe his arrest has to do with the online Freedom newspaper anchor’s political analysis questioning former Ambassador Jallow’s loyalty to the Jammeh government since Mr. Jallow’s wife, Jainaba Bah, is a staunch militant of the opposition United Democratic Party  (UDP). No one knows where they have taken Mr. Jallow as all attempts to reach him on his phone by his family, relatives and concerned well-wishers have failed. We appeal for you to share this story with the hope that we can have some prompt support in soliciting for the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Jallow to help save his life as we believe he is in great danger at the moment. Thanking you in advance for your help in this very difficult period for us, his family!

Yours Sincerely,

Sajo Jallow’s Family.


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