Gambia-11 Moribund Diplomats Ask Despot Jammeh to Step Down, Congratulate Barrow

by editor | December 19, 2016 9:24 pm

By Ebrima G. Sankareh, Editor-in-Chief

Barely a week after The Gambia’s top diplomat to Washington, DC, Ambassador Sheikh Omar Faye, petitioned out-going despot Yaya Jammeh to gracefully relinquish power and handover to President-elect, Adama Barrow, eleven others have joined the diplomatic fray, all appealing to the erratic and violent leader to leave peacefully.

Predictably, diplomatic innuendoes apart, their “appeal letter (addressed) to His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji  Dr. Yahya  A.J.J. Jammeh Babili Mansa” consistently eulogizes the Sheriff of Kanilai as a statesman who cares greatly about the welfare and development of The Gambia and its people. Even as the sand dramatically shifts under his feet, the tyrant is still respected and revered by this clique of moribund diplomats who do not give a damn about The Gambia and its people.

Gambians are a patient lot you know, but that must never be misconstrued as stupidity. Like all humans, we can read between lines, understand and make logical deductions.

Some of these miserable diplomats have been in concert with the despot of Kanilai for the past decades and willfully and voluntarily participated in the systematic destruction and desecration of our country ranging from high treason, abductions of perceived political enemies, murders, assassinations, fraud, theft, incommunicado detentions, torture to enforced disappearances and drug trafficking.

Yes, ever since his forceful ascension to the pinnacle of political power on that fateful Friday, July 22, 1994, Yaya Jammeh with the help of Gambians like Edward David Singhateh, Yankuba Touray, Osman Sonko, Isatou Njie Saidy, Bala Garba Jahumpa, the armchair Generals and the “push-mutakas” have all participated in the destruction of The Gambia and whether or not you support the 2016 Barrow Coalition, you remain on the wrong side of history and no amount of diplomatic reversals or appeals can change the course of History.

Truth be told, some of you have no future in a stable meritocratic Gambia because you have either outlived your usefulness, tainted both your characters and reputations (that is if you ever had character) and all you have left with is your shameless faces. Some of you are hardened criminals like the despicable despot, Jammeh, and if Commissions are to be held, there is no escaping the fact, that some of you were in the center of gravity and you too must be accountable.

Below, we reproduce their appeal letter to Jammeh and their belated congratulatory letter to President-elect Barrow, both invoking Allah and high Latinate that ironically echo the Motto of  The Gambia EchoVox Populi Vox Dei –The Voice of the People is the Voice of  God, which contradicts the very spirit and character of Yaya Jammeh’s 22 years of misrule in The Gambia. Since when did these diplomats know that the voice of the people is the voice of God? To most of you, until last night, when you finally decided to face reality, you had always believed that the voice of Jammeh was the voice of God as evident in all your public speeches punctuated with the twin words- Babili Mansa! You invoke Jammeh’s perceived greatness more than you allude to God or Jesus or Mohammed. Today, all that is history and soon, in fact very soon, the tyrant who for two painful decades symbolized the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxy, the oceans, the rivers, the wind, water, ice and rain will be consigned to  historical oblivion and Gambians will march with unfettered determination to make our sacred motherland, the best on earth.

Letter to Jammeh

18th December 2016

Your Excellency,


We the Ambassadors of The Gambia representing our Nation overseas, extend our thanks and appreciation to Your Excellency, The Government and People of The Gambia for the smooth and peaceful conclusion of the December 1st Presidential Elections which you described as transparent, free and fair. Both local and international election observers also certified the whole process as credible. Your states manly and televised acceptance of the election results in favour of the Coalition candidate on December 2nd, was acclaimed and applauded throughout the world. The fact that you further congratulated Mr. Barrow on his victory and assured him of your support and guidance was testimony to the fact that you care for the progressive development of The Gambia in a peaceful and orderly transition. Many of us have received commendations on your behalf in our various jurisdictions from individuals and institutions citing your action as the dawn of a new era in African politics and democracy.

Your Excellency, we were taken aback by your pronouncement on National Television on December 9th, rejecting the results. This new position of Your Excellency has the potential of undermining the peace and stability that The Gambia is renowned for.

Your Excellency, in the light of the foregoing, we the Ambassadors of The Gambia, strongly appeal for you to accept the choice of The Gambian people and facilitate a peaceful transfer of power to the President-Elect, Mr. Adama Barrow.

Meanwhile we applaud the efforts of the international community especially the UN, AU and ECOWAS mission headed by Her Excellency Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in their quest to bring about a peaceful resolution of the current political impasse in our motherland, The Gambia.

In conclusion Your Excellency, we once again implore you to consider our plea which is aimed at achieving the greater good for our beloved country, The Gambia.

Please accept Your Excellency, the assurances of our highest consideration and esteem.

  1. E Mr. Dembo M. Badgie—Beijing
  2. E Mr. Momodou Badgie —Ankara
  3. E Mrs. Elizabeth Harding— London
  4. E Dr. Mamadou Tangara—New York
  5. E Momodou Aki Bayo — Moscow
  6. E Mrs. Teneng Mba Jaiteh—Brussels
  7. E Mr. Momodou Pa Njie—Dakar
  8. E Mr. Lang Yabou—Madrid
  9. E Mr. Masanneh N. Kinteh—Havana
  10. H.E. Mr. Abdou Jarju— Bissau
  11. H.E. Mr. Mass Axi Gai — Addis Ababa


Letter to Barrow

18th December, 2016

His Excellency Mr. Adama Barrow


Republic of The Gambia

Banjul, The Gambia

Your Excellency,


It is with honour that we the Ambassadors of The Gambia representing our country overseas, extend our congratulations and best wishes to Your Excellency, following your victory in the December 1st Presidential Elections which has been described as transparent, free, fair and credible by both local and international election observers.

Your Excellency, the Gambian people have spoken, and your victory is a manifestation of their trust and confidence that we must all acknowledge and accept as “vox populi, vox Dei” (the voice of the people is the voice of God).

To the International Community, the peaceful and democratic elections, which is the precursor to your Presidency, has been received with euphoria and hope for political and economic partnerships. As patriotic servants of The Gambia, it is our pledge and desire to contribute our quota to the expansion and consolidation of meaningful international dialogue and cooperation for the benefit of The Gambia.

In addition, we seize this opportunity to assure Your Excellency and the Coalition of our support and collaboration.

We pray to Allah the Almighty to grant Your Excellency and team the guidance and wisdom to fulfill the duties and responsibilities bestowed on you by your election to the highest office in the land. May Almighty Allah continue to grant Your Excellency and the Gambian Nation continuous good health, long life, peace, greater protection, prosperity and success.

Please accept Your Excellency, the assurances of our highest consideration and fraternal esteem.

Yours sincerely,

  1. E Mr. Dembo M. Badgie- Beijing
  2. E Mr. Momodou Badgie- Ankara
  3. E Mrs. Elizabeth Harding – London
  4. E Dr. Mamadou Tangara – New York
  5. E Momodou Aki Bayo- Moscow
  6. E Mrs. Teneng Mba Jaiteh- Brussels
  7. E Mr. Momodou Pa Njie – Dakar
  8. E Mr. Lang Yabou – Madrid
  9. E Mr. Masanneh N. Kinteh- Havana
  10. H.E. Mr. Abdou Jarju- Bissau
  11. H.E. Mr. Mass Axi Gai- Addis Ababa
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