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By Mathew K. Jallow, Madison, Wisconsin

I saw rusty, shrivelling skeletons
In those listless silhouettes
Drowning in misery
Where flatulence smells like aroma
And reality exists only in the mind’s bubble
No time to be afraid
Hope dipped in paranoia
The restless ghosts of Mile 2 Prison
Narcissism a distant memory
A bearded didactic Mullah
Stole my faith for a moment
Call me Mustapha now
If only for a little while
Until I escape the misery
Where death rules the night
In this hellhole of Mile 2 Prison

Impenetrable steel doors captured my resolve
Looking for a miracle within tall prison walls
Surrounded by an eclectic crowd in utter despair
Captive to a nebulous rationale
Now a state of morbid disinterest
Abandoned by our countrymen
In this reign of fear
The ultimate terror of Mile 2 Prison

Between the high walls they wither away
Memories of Auschwitz and Gulags
Spell hedonism of an evil mind
Dark dinky halls of pain
Come feast little mosquitoes
Tender skins turned to crocodile leather
Blistering and bloody, hard to the touch
The painful memories of Mile 2 Prison

Had an epiphany one summer day
And nirvana came rising like a mountain
Exhaling the sweet taste of freedom again
Owning the night one more time
And like giddy kids they giggle and laugh
And innocence lost so long ago
Comes roaring like the ghost of Hamadi Hampateh Bah
In the hearts of Mile 2 Prison’s children of mercy

This is a place of utter misery
As blood stained walls shine a ray of light
The gruesome stories of agony
And the nexus of power and evil
Where fickle minds go to die
Once they were vibrant and full of life
Now but pitiful shadows without hope
Praying for a miracle at Mile 2 Prison

The Gambia Echo files: Written in 2009 and previously Posted on: 27 February 2014



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