In Latest Cabinet Pick, Barrow to Name Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang Women Affairs Minister Overseeing Vice Presidency; 3 Others SG, Information & Works Ministers Named

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By Ebrima G. Sankareh, Editor-in-Chief

Ever since the 2016 Coalition Government of President Adama Barrow named Madam Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang as its vice President even before Barrow returned from a brief period of self-imposed exile in Dakar, Senegal, against the backdrop of Jammeh’s banditry and an ominous political climate, she has still not taken the requisite constitutional oath of office despite the swearing in of now, eleven Cabinet ministers and the appointment of a Chief Justice, Hassan Boubacarr Jallow, that The Echo leaked earlier today.

This situation continues to provoke a campfire of debates as to whether, in actuality, Adama Barrow is going to proceed with her candidature or rescind his decision in the face of a plethora of legal arguments and innuendoes regarding the constitutionality or otherwise of Madam Jallow Tambajang’s qualifications as a VP.

Most definitely, a woman of impressive credentials combined with an impeccable character and soaring integrity, it is Madam Tambajang’s age that has sparked a tsunami of criticisms and Adama Barrow and his government have not been helpful either. Despite Hon. Halifa Sallah’s daily press briefings and conferences, Silence, that malignant and hydra-headed problem against transparency, continues to cover the Jallow-Tambajang VP candidature leaving latitudes for conjecture and rumours and innuendoes that are counter-productive to the new dispensation following decades of despotism under the thumbs of Yaya Jammeh’s harrowing authoritarianism.

As Gambians continue to speculate the next move of the Adama Barrow government vis-à-vis the Vice Presidency, The Gambia Echo can report but cannot confirm that based on credible sources close to the  Coalition, Madam Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang will soon be sworn in as Woman Affairs Minister Overseeing The Vice Presidency. According to our sources, the new nomenclature follows a series of debates, discussions and legal consultations both within the Coalition Government and outside, and appointing her as Women Affairs Minister simultaneously overseeing the VP seat, was created to avoid the potential embarrassment of rescinding her announced appointment much earlier than the rest of the Barrow Cabinet as Vice President.

Crucially, as in most tyrannies and kakistocracies, even though Yaya Jammeh has been defeated in the December 1, presidential election and out of Gambian territory, the new Republic continues to battle the vestiges of his long arms of villainy; arms so vicious that they have fingered and desecrated The Gambia’s most scared document, The 1997 Constitution and as Barrow et alia were only preoccupied with regime change, little did they and Gambians know that the doomed despot, Jammeh, has dealt them a constitutional coup d’état fixing age limits, fixing term limits, fixing nationality limits, fixing qualification limits and who knows what other limits.

In a related development, our sources say Sulayman Bun Jack, former Permanent Secretary at the Department of Defence in PPP regime of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara and a UK national, is Adama Barrow’s pick for the position of Secretary General, office of the President. He is son to the late Sir Alieu Sulayman Jack, former Speaker of Parliament, perennial minister  and statesman in the PPP government and father to Banjul barrister, Mariam Jack Denton, of the United Democratic Party.

Our highly-placed sources also named Bai Lamin Jobe a civil engineer, as President Barrow’s pick for the Ministry of Works & Infrastructure. He was at the GAMBWORKS and following his troubles with the Jammeh regime, Jobe worked with the world Bank.

Also, according to our sources, Mr. Ebrima Sillah formerly of the defunct Citizen FM Radio and Newspaper with the late Babucarr Gaye; and erstwhile stringer for the BBC Focus On Africa program and an active UDP supporter, is allegedly, Adama Barrow’s pick for Information Ministry.

While we were able to confirm Justice Hassan Jallow’s appointment as Chief Justice, this latest appointments we could not confirm at this stage. However,  based on the credibility of our sources with a near-perfect record of reliability, we had to publish the story in the legitimate interest of the Gambian people.


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