Bombshell: Inside Yaya Jammeh’s Mysterious Armory

by editor | January 10, 2017 6:20 am

—Echo  Exclusive—

 By Ebrima G. Sankareh, Editor-in-Chief

 In an unprecedented development, The Gambia Echo has received a top military intelligence report that unveils in detail, the often exaggerated combat readiness of President Yaya Jammeh’s Government in the form of the regime’s entire military arsenal.

Following an hour-long phone conversation from a highly–placed military source pleading strictest anonymity, we subsequently received a scanned handwritten document from one of our key security informants who has been reliably sourcing our stories for a decade now. See upper right for the scanned document!

The report on The Gambia’s military inventory shows in sequence, a detailed description of the various types of weapons President Jammeh has been stockpiling at his native Kanilai and the Presidential Palace in Banjul over the past two decades of his despotic rule.

It can be recalled that six years ago, The Echo, based on the veracity of similar channels, broke news of a container supposedly loaded with fertilizer destined to Kanilai Family Farms in The Gambia intercepted in Nigeria with a cache of heavy weapons from the Islamic Republic of Iran in flagrant violation of the UN embargo and other international treaties on weapons’ proliferations which Gambia is a signatory to.

The list of weapons in two separate papers includes 48 Iranian Type 60mm mortars, 30 Chinese Type 60mm mortars, 29 Generic 81mm mortars, 95 Rocker-propelled grenades (RPG7), 6 Iranian type anti-aircraft guns.

Significantly, in the wake of the December 1st Presidential election which he lost to Coalition candidate Adama Barrow and his reluctance to hand over power peacefully come January 19, Gambians and other West African nationals in the tiny country have begun fleeing en masse as soldiers embark on scare tactics that further exacerbate an already volatile climate of fear perpetrated by a police state.

Only last week, The United States Embassy in Banjul convened a Town Hall meeting and urged its citizens to leave immediately and in less than 24 hours, issued a terse travel advisory against visiting the West African tourist heaven as ECOWAS contemplates military action against Yaya Jammeh if he fails to comply.

Editor‘s Note: On Thursday, we will reproduce Part II of the report.   

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