Jammeh Never Left Gambia; Hackers Attack UN Mission, 12 Diplomats Sacked

by editor | January 5, 2017 12:16 am

By Ebrima G. Sankareh, Editor–in-Chief

 Following widespread reports on Cyberspace that The Gambia’s despot, Yaya Jammeh, was on a quick and surprise walking visit to Conakry, Guinea, unrelenting allegations further exacerbated by a video footage of Jammeh exiting Gambia’s state jet and exchanging fraternal handshakes with Guinea’s leader, Alpha Conde at a Conakry Airport, The Gambia Echo immediately launched its investigative mechanism to work and can report without equivocation, that the reports are entirely false.

Reacting to the allegations,  a top diplomatic source nestled at The Gambia’s Foreign ministry in Banjul, described the report as the “work of fantasists yearning for national recognition and in the process, resort to malicious propaganda to instil fear in our innocent people.”

“Sanks, contrary to all these rumours on social media, I can assure you that since the December 1 Presidential election, H. E. has never left Gambian shores and the video footage you are alluding to must be a very old video out there on the Internet that anybody can utilise to confuse the innocent” my most credible source countered.

            Hackers Paralysed Computers at Gambia’s U.N Permanent Mission

Asked to comment  on the veracity of unfolding information that computer’s to The Gambia’s Permanent Mission at The United Nations were paralysed following massive overnight hacking, our source said, “well, that is true, we have received reports from our UN Mission that our entire computer system is hacked and no one could work the entire day today.”

Asked if the hackers were identified, our source says no, not yet, because a week  following the election, State House and The Daily Observer were simultaneously hacked and now as we are busy with those findings, we receive this worrisome development from our staff in New York that all their computers have been compromised and no one could make sense of this unpatriotic acts, our source revealed.

In a related development, The Gambia Echo can also reveal that Gambia’s former envoy to Washington, DC, Sheikh Omar Faye, who was recalled alongside 11 other diplomats after  petitioning the errant Head of state to quit gracefully, has been sacked at closing time, Thursday December 29, 2016. All the 11 diplomats have also been sacked.

According to our unassailable source at the pinnacle of political power in Banjul, all 12 diplomats have been “given the boot and directives immediately sent to the PMO and Accountant  General’s Department to that effect.” Purportedly quoting from the directives, our most trusted Kissy Kissy Mansa says “instead of the normal three months to pack and return home, they are no longer working for The Gambia Government, their services are terminated and as such, they are only entitled to a month’s salary and that’s it.”

The 11 other sacked envoys are :Mr. Dembo M. Badgie—Beijing, Mr. Momodou Badgie —Ankara,  Mrs. Elizabeth Harding— London, Dr. Mamadou Tangara—New York, Momodou Aki Bayo — Moscow, Mrs. Teneng Mba Jaiteh—Brussels, Mr. Momodou Pa Njie—Dakar, Mr. Lang Yabou—Madrid, Mr. Masanneh N. Kinteh—Havana, Mr. Abdou Jarju— Bissau, Mr. Mass Axi Gai — Addis Ababa.  It can be recalled that on 18th December, 2016, they had signed an appeal letter suggesting that their despotic leader, Yaya Jammeh,  hands over power graciously to President-elect, Adama Barrow, but they never resigned their jobs. They were subsequently recalled for domestic duties and now sacked from their diplomatic jobs.

“President Jammeh is particularly angry at Ambassador Omar Faye following his interview with American National Public Radio where he expressed apprehension that sometime ominous could potentially happen if he were to return home and I can assure you, that cost him his job”, reveals Kissy Kissy Mansa. Asked how they could pack their belongings and large families with only a month’s salary, our source reveals, “I don’t think they are contemplating returning home under the circumstances; I doubt that very seriously because as far as I know, their only impunity is distance. Returning to The Gambia will be ill-advised for any of these former envoys and I’ll leave it at that.”

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