NRMG Issues Press Release On proposed Media Conference

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We herewith acknowledge receipt of your correspondence as per October 6th 2016 inviting Lieutenant Colonel Pa Modou Ann, Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRMG) to an open forum as a way forward for the struggle to liberate The Gambia.

With regret allow us to inform you that Lt. Col. Ann will not take part in this discussion. As a matter of policy, we believe that negotiations between entities, in a venture as sensitive as this should be conducted behind closed doors, the outcome of which can then be released to the Press. Any deviation from this procedure will not only result in a breach of security but also serve as a recipe for endless squabbles and possible acrimony between entities of divergent views on methods and processes.

We also believe at this point in time that the issue of a single or unified leadership can only be addressed when the different organizations and groups can agree on fundamental issues that divide them through prior indoor negotiations and consultations. Agreement on leadership cannot be reached through online conferences to which even the enemy would be privy. To succeed with the issue of unity we must be clear about directions, procedures and standards. To climb a tree one must start from the bottom. In the same vein, negotiations must begin from lower to higher levels before agreements can be made public. This is a lesson of diplomacy that this struggle must apply effectively if we desire to make a headway. If the Gambia Diaspora Media wish to facilitate this process, NRMG will be quite willing to participate therein.

Notwithstanding, allow us to commend you for your initiative and to assure you as always, of our highest consideration and fraternal esteem.

Yours in Resistance



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