Organized Confrontation: Final Action to Uproot Jammeh!

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By: Ousainou Mbenga, Washington, DC

With the recent explosion of the Burkinabe powder keg in the country of the “upright people” – Burkina Faso; all the neocolonial gangsters and puppets in the region – including Macky Sall and his monstrous friend, Yaya Jammeh – are sitting on edge. Macky Sall, Jonathan Goodluck and others hurried into Burkina Faso to quell the ashes and ambers of resistance against the neocolonial state.

Their desperate intent is not to bring peace and normalcy back but to snuff this sparkling example of what resistance should look like across the continent of Africa.  In other words, they want to contain the spark that ignited the powder keg in Burkina from reaching the ready-to-explode powder kegs in their respective neocolonial enclaves.

The spark that ignited this powder keg is on the rampage across the continent; it will not end in Burkina Faso. The spark must reach the other powder kegs waiting to explode to relief us from the bile of oppression.

We, in the Gambian front of the African revolution say: 20 years and 27 years is too damn long to have put up with the Jammeh and Compaore regimes respectively. We salute our Burkinabe brothers and sisters with unwavering support to continue and complete the work comrades Thomas Sankara and others started 27 years ago.

                                     THE END OF THE NEOCOLONIAL STATE

Gambia is equally pregnant with the same contradictions as Burkina Faso. It was a traitorous counter-revolutionary coup that lifted Blaise Compaore on the “saddles of power”, resulting in the assassination of the emerging revolutionary forces including Thomas Sankara.

In the Gambia, a similar gang of bandit – soldiers staged a walk – through coup with the “seemingly innocent” assistance of USS La Moure County naval vessel claiming to help the deposed president from harm’s way. Some kind of coincidence!

Subsequently, Compaore, with the help of imperialism, particularly France, had 27 years to crush the revolutionary potential in Burkina Faso. But as the saying goes: “you can kill a revolutionary but you can’t kill the revolution”!

And subsequently, Jammeh, with help from all stripes of local opportunists, sycophants and people with only permanent interests, also had 20 years to crush every resistance unleashed against his tyrannical regime.

Revolution must be the trend in Africa, after 50 years of “flag independence” with nothing to show for.

 But, this time around, we must prepare our serious revolutionary forces to take on leadership roles as oppose to allowing the treacherous and impotent “elite mis-leadership”, their allies to hijack all our work and create criminals like Yaya Jammeh and Blaise Compaore.

                              THE WILL OF THE MASSES ALWAYS PREVAILS!

Who would have thought Compaore will tuck tail and run out of Burkina Faso? When the genius of the masses is given its due respect, no force or power can stand in its way. What happened in Burkina was as a result of mounting internal crises – the basis for change – and the willingness of the people to get ORGANIZED and fight back.




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