President Jammeh & APRC Call for Reelection

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Dear Editor:

It really breaks my heart when people try to make the political impasse in The Gambia all about His Excellency President Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh alone. That he is the only one trying to unjustifiably cling to power without any reasons in an election he had lost, conceded to, but later changed his mind about it, without any reason.

It is about time these critics understand that the challenge of the election results in The Gambia originated from hundreds of thousands of Gambian voters in support of the President and his government who feel cheated by an IEC they thought couldn’t be corrupted. If it was about President Jammeh alone, and the first results of the elections announced by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), it should still be respected that his decision to accept them and openly conceded defeat was based on the sincere belief that the system was tamper-proof and that nothing could change the figures.

However, IT experts have indicated that the way the figures were transposed-horizontally-from one column of the excel-spread sheet to another, with the numbers oddly added, subtracted or tallied, only could happen with operatives working on a compromised backway into the system. In a lame person’s interpretation, accessing the excel spread sheet could only have happened if the system was hacked.

But as if the Biblical citation that man proposes but God disposes was in play here, the smart hackers seemed to have lost their ingenuity soon after breaking into the system, because they manipulated the numbers with utter recklessness.

In fact, I am inclined to believe that Mr. Alieu Momar Njie, the IEC Chairman may even not have known or understood the way the numbers were manipulated by the con artists who may have frightened him to unnecessarily run away to Dakar, Senegal. After all, everything in the Gambia suggests that he was safe and was not at any given time been threatened by any government official or security agent, for that manner. His departure was merely to absent himself from the embarrassment of facing a Court where he would have been caught dumbfounded with the serious digital and analogous fraud perpetrated in his office. The evidence gathered is overwhelming and when exhibited at the courts will expose a less sophisticated but clear violation of all the mechanisms in place for the conduct of a free and fair election.

No one can explain how the IEC inadvertently transposed 63,909 votes from the Base Administration Area alone across to the overall votes won by the three contenders but cannot arithmetically show how that ‘constant’ could only get Mr. Barrow’s numbers right. From the 263,515 votes first published by the IEC on December 2nd 2016 as Mr. Barrow’s winning numbers, if you subtract the “transposed” 63,909 votes from it and add it to the total votes 28,102 he won in the area, the result indeed comes down to the correct 227,708 votes they later published as the final result.

But if you use the same 63,909 ‘constant’ in the same equation with President Jammeh’s initial numbers of 212,099 votes where the 24,490 votes he won in the area are also added, the results cannot be the 208,487 votes published by the IEC as his final corrected results.

Likewise, with Mr. Mamma Kandeh’s 102,969 initial votes, using the 63,909 ‘constant’ and adding the 11,289 he won, the result couldn’t be the 89,768 votes they published as the final corrected numbers.

The only plausible analysis over these numbers is that the 63,909 votes were only transposed to Mr. Barrow’s numbers and not to President Jammeh’s or Mr. Kandeh’s results. In that case, I think what the IEC should have rightly done was to go by the correct results of the arithmetic where President Jammeh got another very questionable 172,680 votes and Mr. Kandeh 50,289 votes; without that, the only logical alternative should have been to add the initial 212,099 votes gotten by President Jammeh to the 24,490 votes he won in the area that would have obviously given him a clean win with 236,589 votes instead of the cooked 208,487 votes.

Invariably, Mr. Mamma Kandeh would have had 102,969 plus the 11,289 he won in the area, giving him 114,258 votes instead of the forged 89,768 votes.

Otherwise we must to settle for the hard fact the IEC transposed some mysterious number of vote-3,612 votes-for President Jammeh and-13,201 votes-for Mr. Kanden which they failed to mention in their press release.

So, like I said, there is no way the IEC chairman could explain such discombobulated figures, manipulated into these results which is the fundamental reason why the APRC refused to endorse the revised results.

And once these fraudulent activities were discovered, more discrepancies came to light which I can’t publish until tendered as exhibits to the courts.

And please spare us the cynicism of trying to discredit the Gambia Supreme Court as being bias against the opposition Party and in favor of the APRC government. It was the same argument heard in the past years about the IEC until they stole the elections for the opposition that now becomes the best IEC ever. I am sure if the Supreme Court were to come up with a verdict in favor of the opposition, all these cynics would hail it as the best in the world. What kind of intellectual honesty is that?

As for those insisting that President Jammeh or the APRC party should offer a solution to the impasse, I think they need to go back and listen to his television speech on December 9th 2016. In that tape, everyone heard him recommending fresh elections, no less no more. The IEC failed the country and needs to be overhauled for a fairer national election. If ECOWAS wants to treat the situation with objectivity and a positive negotiating spirit of peacemaking and peacekeeping, they could play a better part in helping the country conduct another General election and not boycott it with allegations that the IEC was always bias in favor of the government. Of course, the IEC not being credible has always been the position of ECOWAS that prevented them over the years to send observers to monitor Gambia’s elections.

The Gambia is a sovereign state and must be respected to conduct its internal political affairs like all other countries do. We cannot be forced into settling for something that is against the interest of our country or that of its citizens.

Long live the Gambian people!

Long live the Islamic Republic of the Gambia?

Long live His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhagie Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh Babilimansa, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed and Security Forces!


Samsudeen Sarr

New York City 


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