Professor Saine Furious Over Proposed Diaspora Conference, Says Preposterous Circus

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Dear Salieu,

                  When Demba Baldeh contacted me a little over a week ago, the proposed meeting was to explore a way forward for Gambia—nothing was said about electing a new leader.

This is what I think. The proposed election is truly absurd, and lacks merit, and legitimacy. From where does the mandate to elect a new” leader,” come? And since when did journalists become “king-makers.”? Who selected the so-called “leaders, and you ? And is it not comical for so-called “leaders”  to select themselves or a peer without any mandate from the people?

Surely, you have heard of CORDEG— what do you propose we do with it? Even if you select a “new leader,” which organization is she/he going to lead?

I have too many questions and not enough time to raise them here. Suffice to say, this proposal, is by far the most absurd (putting it nicely) that I have ever heard— it is truly sophomoric—lacking the kind of thoughtfulness, and sophistication needed to help liberate our country. It is clear to me that not much, if any, careful thinking went into formulating this proposal.

CORDEG exists as an umbrella organization and continues to function, despite GDAG’s temporary withdrawal. Rather than work with CORDEG to improve and strengthen it, you embark on an ill-fated enterprise that is bereft of sound thinking..

If you and your group are looking to be relevant, and truly wish to contribute to the struggle/ resistance, I recommend strongly that you work with CORDEG’s current executive, as we enjoy a strong global mandate/legitimacy. If you want a change in leadership, wait for CORDEG’s next election in about a year when, the current executive’s two-year term would have come to an end.

Finally, CORDEG has a 2: 30 PM meeting on Saturday to address important national issues. And, I would rather attend this meeting than the circus you proposed.

Abdoulaye Saine


 Editor’s Note: Like Professor Saine, I was equally flabbergasted as to the rationale behind the proposed election of a Diasporan leader knowing very well that CORDEC; controversial as it may be, was mandated to handle that task.

Equally worrisome was that the same letter inviting me as keynote speaker via Internet radio also alleges that I, Ebrima G. Sankareh, has consented to the proposal when in actuality, I have never signed any document nor have I ever orally consented to any such proposal.

I immediately responded to the letter writer, Mr. Salieu Njie, who I must confess, I have also, never spoken to.

Therefore, consistent with journalistic ethics, since Mr. Njie has published my alleged consent in some online papers, and has not responded to my concerns, I herein reproduce verbatim, my reply to Mr. Njie dated October, 7, 2014.

 “Dear Mr. Njie:

                       Thank you for inviting me to your proposed session/conference.

I note that you have my name listed as a journalist who had “consented” to the program. Curiously, I’ve never received or signed a consent letter prior to your notice.

Can you kindly fix this error?

 That said, your invitation is quite prompt and I am so engrossed in my academic research that I have to politely ask that you excuse me for this one.

I wish you and your colleagues the best as you chart a path for The Gambia.


  1. G. Sankareh.” 


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