Senegal Arrest General Bora Colley

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By Ebrima G. Sankareh, Editor-in-Chief

According to unassailable sources within Senegalese Intelligence that speak to this reporter on conditions of strictest anonymity, one of exiled Gambian leader, Yaya Jammeh’s most feared military officers, and Kanilai State Guards’ Commander, General Bora Colley, is in military detention in or around Ziquinchor, Cassamance Region, southern Senegal.

Probably The Gambia’s most callous coward; a character that distinguishes himself as a notorious murderer among despot Jammeh’s violent assassins, General Bora Colley, was reportedly intercepted and immediately arrested last night, as he tried to escape through the porous  border with neighbouring Guinea Bissau en route to Guinea Conakry where his colleague assassins are temporarily granted sanctuary as Guinean authorities determine their fate.

A native of Foni Besse, General Colley enlisted in the defunct Gambia National Gendarmerie’s  9th Intake-1990/91 Batch  and up to the July 22, 1994 coup that brought despot Jammeh to power, Colley was a Private with the Fajara Barracks Mobile Brigade Unit.

With Jammeh’s coup, private soldiers whose modest formative education could not secure them officer’s positions quickly enjoyed meteoric promotions through the coveted ranks and within a few years, fools like Bora Colley and Saul Badjie who could barely read a simple passage from a bedtime fairy-tale for kindergartners, became Generals with unbridled powers to arrest, detain, disappear, dismember, torture and murder their fellow citizens with nauseous impunity.

Their only qualifications were ethnicity bolstered by a tenacious disposition to liquidate Jammeh’s perceived political enemies, real, imagined or potential without recourse to the due process of the law in a forgotten state, the size of some European metropolises where the leader is the law and the law is the leader; an irksome reminder of the words of the French autocrat, Louis Phillipe who, drunk with power allegedly declared: “L’État, c’est moi”literally, “I am the State.”

While France is no Gambia and vice visa, Jammeh’s tenure in office mirrors the longest reign in French history in so many ways, most notably, the depot’s constant allusions to the Quran and God and his belief in the divine rights of leaders while in real life, Yaya Jammeh was ritually immersed in oracle worship; sacrificing humans and dusting the deities of Kanilai with human ashes as revealed by former assassins who now proliferate social media like shattered chatterboxes on hallucinogenic drugs.

Considered one of the most if not the most dangerous of murderers among Yaya Jammeh’s killing machine, General Bora Colley is blamed for the abduction and grisly murder of Sergeant Ello Jallow in 2011 just days after the murdered sergeant returned from the United States with First Lady Zeineb Suma Jammeh who it was alleged, had a Romeo-like relationship with Sgt. Jallow. Following Jallow’s chilling finality, his private jeep was ditched at a nearby culvert near Sting Corner and the matter reported as an automobile accident as in the macabre murder of Finance minister, Ousman Koro Ceesay by Edward David Singhateh, Peter Singhateh and Yankuba Touray in June 1995.

Sgt. Ello Jallow’s  murder aside, General Colley is allegedly complicit in numerous other high profile murders and disappearances especially, when he served as Commissioner of Prisons when every night, he reportedly supervised the routine torture of prisoners, especially, political prisoners or detainees whose wives were in sexual relationships with exiled Gambian autocrat ,Yaya Jammeh.

Image result for burdizzo

Burdizzo-The traumatising Casteration equipment Jammeh used on political detainees

In fact, a senior military officer who spoke to The Echo on conditions of anonymity, revealed that while Gen. Colley served as Commissioner of Prisons, President Jammeh provided him and his boys with several  Burdizzos with which several political detainees were castrated like farm animals. “I know of some castrated detainees whose wives were regularly sleeping with Yaya Jammeh and former interior minister, Ousman Sonko, even as their husbands were routinely tortured by Bora Colley and his gang of bandits. Among their numerous victims is a former MP and senior military officers accused of treason” , a highly-placed source at The Gambia’s hellish Mile II Prisons reveals.

According to several military officers who have been sourcing our stories over the past decade, castration of  perceived political enemies was one of the most common cruel practices of Yaya Jammeh’s regime. The same Burdizzo he administered on his farm animals at his native Kanilai village were given to his soldiers under General Colley’s command in the despot’s desperate attempt to potentially, emasculate all perceived enemies.


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