The Gambia: State Of Denial Amid Slow Economic Collapse

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By Mathew K Jallow, Madison, Wisconsin

Nothing about the Gambia’s herd mentality is organic. That happens only in the movies and the animal kingdom. But again, Gambia’s recent history is an unending movie; a perpetually written and rewritten script that changes with the mood and emotional disposition of one person. Yet, it takes a tremendous amount of moral courage to drift away from the truth, particularly in cases of undeniable evidence, but the Gambia’s contemporaneous story is like an act that inhibits the resolve to defy the ubiquitous and paralyzing fear, marked by powerlessness and an indifference to reality. The naiveté, or better still, the willful denial of reality, among Gambians averse to conceding to the stressfulness of the social, political and economic conditions in the Gambia, has degenerated into an acrimonious relationship with former dissidents. The benign demonstration of fidelity to the truth about the wretchedness of conditions the Gambia is under, has instead, devolved into the pitiless stigmatization of victims who are unable, any longer, to tolerable the scourges of military rule. And in Gambia, a significant number of citizens have been forced into a state of complete detachment from the reality, a pathology that borders on insanity. Unfortunately, that same predicament has made inroads into the diaspora, where a few Gambian refugees, who until recently, demonstrated strident opposition to the savagery in the Gambia, now manifest a less than flattering filial piety towards Yahya Jammeh; consistent with collaborators……


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