The Gambia: The Character Stain, Dishonor And Amateurism Of Nene Macdouall And Sheriff Bojang

by editor | August 11, 2015 8:36 pm

By Mathew K. Jallow, Madison, Wisconsin

It is beneath me to devote a second of my time to these Yahya Jammeh apologist characters, and this is a one-off. To begin with, this is one more of the shocking denials of the ubiquitous, and by definition, the obvious; and comes with a very steep price in personal character assassination. It underscores the collective apoplexy, which permeates the rejection, in certain quarters, of the existential threat that Yahya Jammeh poses to Gambian society. But, for Yahya Jammeh though, the two represent the flavor of the moment; two peas in a pod with disgusting moral depravity, motivated purely by greed, and the craving for economic security and personal validation. And not unlike those who preceded them, the two are the anti-thesis of a society striving desperately to recoil from what appears like inevitable social and political turmoil; a fatalist inclination destined by the sweeping injustices, which highlight Yahya Jammeh’s reign of terror, killing spree and orgy of mindless incarceration. Nene Mcdouall and Sheriff Bojang, undisputedly, two more less than qualified cabinet positions, are treading a road well-traveled; a mine-field fraught with hazards that embody the very soul and character of military rule. Nothing is far removed from reality than the overt, and oftentimes, subliminal propagation of a false sense of intellectual identity and social prestige in Gambian society. And as grave as the moral shallowness both exhibit, far more consequential is their crippling lack of empathy, as so cavalierly displayed…

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