The Government of The Gambia Continues To Use Brute Force To Suppress Dissent—O.A. Jallow

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The (PPP calls for) unconditional and immediate release of all political detainees including the Leader of UDP and compensate all those illegally detained for restitution.

Our National nightmare continues as we witnessed another day of terror on the streets of Banjul and Serrekunda. The Government of The Gambia continues to use brute force to suppress dissent and pacify an agitated people who are demanding an end to his reign of terror. Security forces drawn from the military and paramilitary were seen unleashing brutality hitherto unknown to our country.

The order for the use of heavy handedness to disperse unarmed civilians came directly from the office of the President and we will hold President Jammeh and all members of the Security Forces who participated in this heinous crime responsible. The conduct of the security Forces was unprofessional, shameful and unlawful. There is no such thing as obeying an illegal order and thus, those found wanting will be held accountable.

The right to protest is guaranteed by our Constitution (and) is the Supreme Law of our country. If APRC militants can hold solidarity marches, why not members of the opposition?

The Interim Leader of the PPP, Omar Amadou Jallow together with party militants will continue to be present at all court proceedings to show solidarity and support for those arrested and detained on April 14th and 16th. The events of the past weeks have taken a new dimension and hence the PPP continue to appeal to the leadership, militants (and) supporters of other political parties to come together as Stakeholders and coordinate our efforts to finding a lasting solution to this national menace.

We will continue to reach out and partner with regional and international organizations and specifically follow up with the UN and ECOWAS representatives as we carve out a way forward.


Omar Amadou Jallow

Interim Leader of the PPP



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